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Hola! Welcome to my portfolio

Hi there! I'm Alberto, gamedev and programmer since 2010. I studied and specialized in the creation of videogames and digital content in Multimedia Engineering at the University of Alicante. Currently I work in Barcelona as senior client engineer & team lead, developing, managing and releasing projects with enthusiasm, learning something new every day and improving myself.

I currently work on gameplay features, user interface, external tools and more, but my specialities are prototyping, gameplay and tools programming in Unity. I really enjoy team and project management and currently I'm taking lead responsabilities as management, feature ownership, workflows, release proceses & deploy monitoring, roadmap plannings and product improvements.

On my free times I like to develop and publish my own games (publishing as Chincheta Games) just for fun, and participate in Jams and Ludum Dare with teammates. I'm also interested on VR development.

What I do?

Here are some of my skills


For +8 years I've been working on Unity, both prototyping from scratch and in large projects supporting live ops.

Team management

For the past few years I took management responsabilities, been involved in teams and leading them (and I really like it), assigning and dividing tasks and making sure the product roadmap is technically correct and viable on the given schedule.

Agile methodology

I use SCRUM methodology (as faithfully as possible), planning scopes and milestones, grooming tasks, etc.


I'm used to communicate directly with the client or other departments (art, design, VFX, tech art) to understand the user or designer requirements, make a plan and deliver useful and quality code and tools.

Apart from my main skills, I have experience on many languages, software and environments.


  • C#, C++, OpenGL, Javascript, shaders, SQL...
  • Experience with AWS and backend: dynamoDB, ElasticBeanstalk, S3, postman...
  • Virtual Reality: Oculus Quest, SamsungGearVR
  • Web programming: HTML, CSS, PHP and a few CMS
  • Many well-known third-party plugins

Design and art:

  • 3D: Blender, 3D StudioMax
  • 2D: Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma

A mix of things that I daily work with:

  • Git + Sourcetree, Github, Bitbucket
  • JIRA, Trello, Confluence, Miro
  • Platform IDEs: Rider, xCode, VisualStudio
  • External Unity tools, SDKs and utilities: Jenkins, Dotween, OdinInspector, ADMob, UnityAds, GameAnalytics, GooglePlayGames, iCloud services...

Open to learn:

  • Unreal Engine, Godot, Vive
My work


2020 | Gameplay, UI, development, art, publishing

Funky Chicken

Start running and jumping to the rhythm of funk music! How far can you go? Why would you say no to a chicken with a backlit afro?

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2020 | Gameplay, UI, development, publishing

Relaxing Solitaire

Play and relax. The classic Klondike Solitarie simplified, without ads and a beautiful UI, card skins and themes.

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2021 | Gameplay, SFX, development

Las trambólicas aventuras de Rodolfo el ratón vibrante y el cajón del destino

Developed for the MálagaJam2021 (#MJW12). We have fallen into a lost and found drawer, and Rodolfo -'The Vibrant Mouse'- will try to find a way to get out and return to his world

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2020 | Gameplay, UI, SFX, level design, development

Schrodinger and the Quantic Forest

Game presented on the Ludum Dare 47. Help Schrodinger to exit from the enchanted Quantic Forest! Travel through dimensions to solve puzzles.

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2017 | Gameplay, UI, development, art integration, VFX

Twilight Whispers

This was my Final Degree Project. In this tower defense game, you have to survive as long as possible using magic, spells and defensive structures.

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2015 | Gameplay, UI, development

Last Sausage Standing

Piss off your friends! Survive if you can! In this local VS game, you'll have to prove that you can handle a sausage better than anyone else and annihilate your friends indirectly, trying to survive the deadly traps that await you. Created on the VI Gamejam Alicante.

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2017 | Gameplay, development


Leonardo Da Vinci's evil and secret brother has returned to spread a terrible plague. Pick a partner and stop this chaos as much as you can. Created on the VII Gamejam Alicante.

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2018 | Gameplay, UI, development

Heritage Of Liberation 2

A simple game where we have to help inhabitants of distant planets to get their own independency from the Empire. Created on the VIII Gamejam Alicante (out of participation).

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2015 | Gameplay, engine, development, audio

Paranormal Outbreak

Paranormal Outbreak is a video game for a single player in C language for AMSTRAD CPC 464, in which we control a fast-paced entity. Our goal is to help researchers get keys that are placed on the map before a certain time.

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2016 | Gameplay, engine, development, local multiplayer, user interaction

Blackout: Paranormal Outbreak

Blackout is a cooperative-competitive game in which two factions, Human/Investigators on the one hand and an Entity for the other, compete in a mysteriously abandoned area in a limited time. Both sides must manage their resources during the course of the game.

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2018 | Gameplay, development

Lost Soul

You are in purgatory and your soul is detached from your body, but it is still there, running out of vital power. You need to find your body before your soul perishes for evermore. With the theme: "Running out of power" we participated on the Ludum Dare 39 with this game.

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2015 | Gameplay, development, IA, user interaction


Real Time Strategy game developed for the subject 'Videogames 2' using Unity 3D.

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2016 | Gameplay, development


Prototype of a game idea where we have to mix, use and diffuse colors to solve different types of puzzles.

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2016 | Gameplay, development


We control a cursed armor, which seeks a series of relics to free itself from its curse. However, the dark forces will not make it that simple... Created on the Global Gamejam 2016.

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2018 | Frontend, backend, gameplay, development, live-ops

Zoo Evolution

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